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subtle flower

subtle flower 1sm

surveillance tree, st paul

surveillance tree - st paul sm

for the birds



algea 1b sm

late august

midaugust 2sm

baker looks in for the sign

baker looks in for the sign b wc crop 1 sm

morning glory, evening

end of the day for the morning glory sm

morning glory

morning glory august 2009 3b sm

hardware glass

hardware glass sm

dusk on the mississippi

two rowers at dusk on mississippi sm

lake street bridge, dusk

bridge lights b sm

from the land of sky blue waters… Hamm plaza, downtown st paul

hamms plaza 3 sm

pigeon in a storm

pigeon in a storm sm

mid august

mid august sm

black-eyed susans

black eyed susan sumie sm

another face from the Landmark Center

landmark face 1sm

stone smile

landmark face 6 smFound on the Landmark Center, in St. Paul.

powderhorn pond galaxy

powderhorn pond galexy sm


fern sm

dance at the history center

dance 9 sm

playing the hot corner

crede at third 2 wc sm

first volunteer, first minnesota

civil war monument sm


dance 10b sm