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unidentified building, st. paul

rothko gate

endicott building signs

The Endicott is a beautiful old office building in downtown St. Paul, designed by Cass Gilbert and built about 1890. It looks like it was restored in the 90s, perhaps, and until fairly recently housed a post office and a couple other businesses. There is a beautiful old shopping arcade on the main floor, and a curved glass ceiling in the entrance hallway. The whole building has been closed up for a couple years now, I think, along with the adjacent Pioneer Press building. Don’t know why they were closed up. They are beautiful and historic old buildings. There was a classic diner in the Pioneer Press building that was shut down when they closed the buildings.

Weisman Museum

lowertown time

the bulldog, lowertown, st paul

capitol building, morning

a confusion of pigeons

snow peel

say yes to pancakes.

snow pillars

first national bank, st paul

where are the president’s day cards?


f. scott fitzgerald, rice park, st paul


for rent


Found on St. Paul City Hall. Always reminds me of Randy Newman’s song, the Beehive State:

“I see the¬†gentleman from Utah
Our friendly Beehive State
How can we help you, Utah?
How can we make you great?”

“Well, we got to irrigate our deserts
We’ve got to get some things to grow
And we got to tell this country about Utah
`Cause nobody seems to know”

Relief sculptures on City Hall were done by Lee Lawrie. I had an earlier post showing the large relief over the 4th St. entrance.


some grate snow

moon, downtown st. paul

crossing over

st paul street light