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blue man walking in the rain

white iris

rust never sleeps

the trail across the pond

rainy morning at mickey’s

opening soon

morning, yellow umbrella

horsetail grass II – eloise butler wildflower garden

arcana, central ave n.e., minneapolis

I was thinking that this might have been an old movie theater, but no. It’s Masonic Lodge #187.
The original Masonic Lodge burned down in 1957, and this one was built to replace it. It opened in 1959.

cedar creek. cloudy day.

killdeer nest, cedar creek

a rainy morning


young F Scott Fitzgerald, outside his first school

red wing blackbird

rain falling east of downtown saint paul

black winged bee

empire building, saint paul. 2:52.

showy lady slipper – eloise butler wildflower garden

man in black

green arch