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stray. name of Frankie. could be looking for a home, soon, if we can catch him. If it’s a him.

it ain’t over till it’s over


endicott building, robert street entrance, st paul

brome grass in the wind

autumn grasses, cedar lake trail

early morning, saint paul

mississippi river, summer, minneapolis


the memorial for the victims of the I35 bridge collapse, 1 August 2007.


St. Francis

autumn, ecolab, st paul


I looked out the window. It was still out there in the parking lot. Waiting.

the big desoto suddenly hit the gas. we stuck with him like a bad memory.

sumac season

leaves on lily pads

more sumac

Tom’s Glove


the fall fade away

beneath the sumac

winter? what are you talkin’ about!?


used car. blue. good runner.