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raindrops on willows, early morning

minneapolis, night, from 5th avenue & 24th street

Bisson’s Madame X

done for the day

landmark center, saint paul

snowdrops 2012

(not really as close as it seems)

That’s Jupiter on the left, & Venus on the right. Kind of a dark photo, I guess. Best to look at this at night, with all the room lights out.

this way

entrance, hill reference library, saint paul


pretty scary mask – hanging at the Open Eye Figure Theater, made by Verne J. Anderson and J. R. Sebasttian.

peace coffee shop, minneapolis


bella lana, minneapolis

Bella Lana yarn shop, minneapolis

Nature Lore: DANGER!

If you should happen upon a sparrow in the wild, and the sparrow assumes this position, you should realize that you are in extreme danger of sparrow attack.
Stay calm. Avoid looking directly into the sparrow’s eyes. Avoid any sudden movements. Do not attempt to run – a sparrow can easily overtake and pull down a fleeing human. Instead, back away slowly, very slowly, while looking at the ground, as though perhaps looking for seed. Softly whistle a calming tune.

cutting edge

fence shadow, snow, hibbing

yarn shop


last of the snow?


work in progress, big table design and print studio, saint paul

the great divide