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the back door

strings attached

o – flour city ornamental iron works, minneapolis

the oregon problem

for beginners

red-winged blackbird, cedar lake bike trail

eagle’s nest, minneapolis

morning, coffee

you don’t see too many marching bands anymore with a really good string section – may day parade 2012

green man – may day parade 2012

blue – may day parade, 2012

the yellow horse – may day parade, 2012

the parade before the parade – may day parade, 2012

herd of deer running down bloomington avenue – may day parade, 2012

drummer – may day parade, 2012

he’s very well connected – May Day Parade, 2012

all the fish in the sea – May Day Parade, 2012

four in the morning…


mr. happy-go-lucky

blossoms after the rain