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the summer of the red-winged blackbirds

showy lady slipper, eloise butler wild flower garden, morning

showy lady slipper, just before being showy

vigilant parents

rainy morning, pink umbrella

racers, st paul criterium

a sunday respite from the st paul criterium: forget-me-nots

duel, st paul criterium

turning the corner, st paul criterium

racer, st paul criterium

st paul criterium: into the turn

early leader shines, st paul criterium

the pack attacks, sun at their backs

waiting to start, st paul criterium

starting line? saint paul criterium

the crossing

I do like a red-winged blackbird..

there are some miles on this Gary Fisher…

a downward trend


its moment in the sun; eloise butler wildflower garden

well, I can’t say for sure, but maybe a Silvery Checkerspot, more commonly known as Chlosyne nycteis

dew, eloise butler wildflower garden

big ol’ book