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ice parrot

ice bird b fr - mtpmcg0113 sm - 3827

Another one from January of 2013; I’ve gotta get out and take some pictures sometime.
Every winter Saint Paul has a Winter Carnival, and professional ice sculptors carve amazing things out of large blocks of ice in Rice Park. Typically it seems to work like this:
Day 1: temperature is 15 degrees, and ice blocks are placed in park
Day 2: sculptors at work; temperature shoots up to about 45 degrees.
Day 3: crowds rush to the park to see the ice sculptures; temperature is anywhere between 40 and 45.
Day 4: crowds diminish. Temperatures hover around 36 or 37.
Day 5: ice carvings destroyed, the temperature drops to -10.

As my friend Ghost says, the ice carvings are the most exciting 20 minutes of the winter!

Last year this parrot was one of my favorites.