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first national bank, saint paul

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The big red one(s), on top of the First National Bank Building. There are four of them up there, and they take turns being lit up. Which seems very midwestern. This is a picture of two of the unlit sides, as if you couldn’t tell. They are resting and waiting. Unusual shot, in that most people would want to take a picture of the lit up red 1, shining out over the city, piercing the gloom and the darkness with its bold assertion. But no, not me. This is the more self-effacing side of the bank. Being number 1 is not such a big deal, afterall. We can’t all be number one.
I wonder if the Second National Bank put’s a big red 2 on top of it’s building?
Is there a Second National Bank?

Apparently there was a Second National Bank of St. Paul. No information found, yet, on whether it had a big 2 on its roof.