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lost c fr - mtpmcg114 sm - 002



Seen in the snow a few days ago. Sad.

light snow

snow light b fr - mtpmcg0112 sm - 4370



A cold dark morning, a stiff breeze, and lots of big snowflakes. What could be more fun?

early morning skyway, saint paul

skyway c2bw fr - mtpmcg112 sm - 4209



Another dark cold morning in Saint Paul. A lone worker. Going to work. 


a bit of chaos at the feeder

up c fr - mtpmcg0112 sm - 4080



The sparrows are all aflutter when there’s a full feeder. I wonder if they get enough food to make up for all the energy they expend getting at it.


unexpected tree

caught b fr - mtpmcg0112 sm - 4194

high bridge, saint paul, just after five pm

bridge c fr - mtpmcg0112 sm - 4133



Another shot from January 2013, a beautiful orange evening sky, people hurrying home at the end of the day.

fresh track

bt b - mtpmcg0113 fr sm - 3671

I always like finding footprints in the snow. Birds, cats, varmints. Even, sometimes, people. There’s a little story in every trail. A story with a lot of unanswered questions.