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winter clouds

clouds b gs fr - mtpmcg212 sm - 4890

love you, buddy

love you b fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3280

…and a belated happy valentines day out there to you all.

the hawk sits alone

hawk c fr - mtpmcg210 sm - 9410



After the critics have gone, the hawk sits alone, thinking his hawk thoughts. I suppose it’s not easy being a hawk. And perhaps there’s a lot of time – too much time? –  for contemplation about that. Well, life is hard.

a moment for an important note

important message b fr - mtpmcg406 sm - 6688



Another from the archives; an important note that caught my eye.


Yesterday’s phenology note:

I noted, yesterday, that there is a heck of a lot of snow around here; more than I’ve seen on the ground in a few years. I noticed this as I was trudging over to the hardware store, our hard-working (and now non-working) snow-blower in tow. No more snow in the forecast for the next few days. Let’s hope that it’s fixable. I did not notice any vultures circling overhead as we rolled on over there. I take that as a good sign.


jet c sol fr - mtpmcg210 sm - 9413



a jet trail across a blue sky. Plus a little photoshop action. Something a little different.

winter blues and greens

bench d fr - mtpmcg210 sm - 9412



Shadows on the snow, a couple years ago.  This year, that bench is probably buried.


mississippi river, saint paul, winter

mississippi c fr - mtpmcg308 sm - 7274

Another one from the archives. This year the Mississippi seems like it has been frozen over for most of the winter. And there’s a lot more snow.

Yesterday’s phenology:

Speaking of snow.. we got about 10 inches yesterday, mostly through the night. It started out heavy and wet, and ended up not so heavy, but when you shovel it (which, as the snowblower suddenly stopped snow blowing, I needed to do a bit of) when you shovel it, it’s the worst kind of snow,  the sort of snow that sticks to your shovel.
We have an awful lot of snow around here. The streets are slippery with snow, and visibility when driving is terrible, due to high piles of the stuff. I definitely should be skiing this winter, but I am not. But it is not too late!