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a last little bit of festivus

festivus c fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3005

It’s been awhile since I last downloaded pictures from my camera – here’s a shot of festivus lighting. Kind of puts me back in the spirit. I’m ready to air some grievances.

Today’s Phenological Note:

Patient and persistent observers may notice many of the smaller varmints walking, hopping, or otherwise moving backwards during the snowy winter months, as they attempt to deceive predators as to their actual paths through the snow. It is very difficult to catch them in the act — it usually requires many minutes of careful observation from a hidden vantage point. In fact, more often than not, an animal’s trail through freshly fallen snow leads in the exact opposite direction from the animal’s true path. While most predators have caught on to this simple ploy, the predators also know that the prey knows that the predators know, and so you will often see a predator ignore a trail entirely, rather than trying to out-think the wily prey. Careful observers may notice a bit of annoyance on the predators’ faces as they walk away from the problem. Other times the predator will pretend that he just doesn’t even see the trail.