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victory is ours

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Here’s a picture of the menu board at the Victory 44 restaurant in Minneapolis. We went over there in December for a meal. The menu options were a bit confusing, and the whole place is rather meatcentric. However, they did have a three or four non-meat items, (two of them being fish, i.e., still mostly meat) and the wait staff was super helpful, and the food was absolutely delicious, and yet reasonably priced. And they had a delicious beer, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, mighty fine indeed.

Today’s Phenological note:

With the cold weather we’ve been having, many are finding it difficult to get out doors, which rather limits phenological observations. Those who have sufficient gumption to peer out of their frost-etched windows at the world beyond, though, may note that the Maples, the Ironwoods, and the Dogwoods don’t have anything going on with them, nowt a bit, February though it may be. Keep watching the trees, though, as the famous line goes from the movies. Keep watching the trees. They know what they are doing.