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joy world mission church – 17th St. S., near Lake Street, Minneapolis

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Built in 1900; a quick little internet search tells me nothing about this old church, which kind of makes me sad. People were married here and buried here; where have they all gone? Yet another project. What’s the story behind this old place?  I like the brick work up along the peaked roof line; something about that says Scandinavia to me, but what do I know? But it looks like a bit of the old country, finding a place in the new world, the new century. Another project for the list of projects.

Church update:

Best guess so far is that this once was St. Luke’s (Norwegian) Lutheran Church, listed in the 1915 Minneapolis City Directory:

St. Luke’s (Norwegian)—17th av S, bet
Lake and 31st. Rev C. S. Morgan, pas­
tor. r 3319 18th av S.

Today’s Phenological note.

A wee bit warmer today, and cute little thoughts of spring came nosing out of the darkness to see what the situation was. They blinked and squinted in the sunshine, and stretched their limbs a bit, but then the clouds came and a fairy dusting of snow and they scurried back inside, their tails between their legs. “See you in a couple months!” they said, and then they were gone.