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nina’s coffee shop, from up in the crow’s nest

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I had coffee over at Nina’s last week; hadn’t been there in awhile, and we got the best seats in the house, at the balcony table. Nina’s is a nice friendly popular place on the corner of Western and Selby in St. Paul, in the Blair Arcade building. There’s a bookstore in the basement. What could be finer?


Today’s Phenological note:

Despite only having 28 days, February in Minnesota is the longest month of the year. I’m looking desperately for signs of Spring, but all I see are signs of the dead of winter. The snow, once white, is now taking on a grayish tone, flecked with detritus of city life. Alley ways are deeply rutted with blackish-gray ice, and dogs have stained every available corner. Our car is caked with road grime, and our hearts are in the ditch. The winter carnival is over. Totally over, and done. It’s fight for survival time.