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guthrie at the guthrie

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The Guthrie Theater, in Minneapolis.

I’m not a fan of the new Guthrie, at least the exterior design. It seems self-important but dull, a dark box with a big attention-grabbing ramp sticking out towards the river, and other random features. Nice views from the inside, though, and the stages are great. And I like the big pictures of the playwrights and of Mr. Guthrie.

Today’s Phenological Note:

I heard on the radio a few weeks ago that our bitterly cold weather may be good for one thing: emerald ash borers are not well insulated, apparently, and extremely cold weather can kill off a goodly number of them. I noticed on MPR’s updraft blog that Embarrass MN has had 26 days this winter with temperatures of -30 or lower. And that’s probably not a record of any sort, since they don’t mention it setting any new mark. Just a bit colder than usual, perhaps, for them.
Today I noticed that our mail carrier is still deeply buried within his layers of dark blue insulation. It’s difficult in the winter to distinguish between the male and female mail carriers during the winter, as the dark blue coloration is the same in both, and other distinguishing characteristics become hidden by the extra winter coats. ¬†Observant observers will observe them quickly shedding layers and slimming down as the days slowly warm up. It’s estimated that the average mail carrier ¬†puts on 6 to 8 inches of insulation in the heart of the northern winter, but this winter coat is dropped quickly as the days stretch out.