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Panaderia San Miguel, Lake Street, Minneapolis

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Lake Street is a great street; so much diversity, so much great food and music, so many great people. Would this guy on the sign lead you wrong? I don’t think so! We’ve had a few items from this Panaderia, and they’ve all been good, but our favorites are the gingerbread pigs – el cerdo hecha de pan de jengibre. Muy bien. Me permito sugerir que usted compra dos o tres o cuatro o tal vez una docena. You won’t be sorry.

Today’s Phenological note:

I should change the name of this section to “Yesterday’s Phenological Note,” as I’m always running a day behind, but in any case, this is more of an astronomical note, really: yesterday we went to see a moving picture show, Walter Mitty. (Not bad. Better than expected.)  There were no clouds and the moon was big and bright and shining a nice light on all the snow, like a beautiful big LED in the heavens. But tomorrow is the full moon – sometimes known in the Northern Hemisphere as the Hunger Moon, Snow Moon, or Wolf Moon, but in 2014 known (here) as the St. Valentine’s Moon. Enjoy it with your special someone. Consider all the thousands of years it’s been up there, and all the other people that have gazed up at the full moon in wonder, pretty much the exact same moon you are looking at. Moses, Da Vinci, Black Elk, Georgia O’Keefe, Shakespeare, Cleopatra, Homer, Buddha, Robert Frank, Cesar, and Lou Boudreau, and you, all looking at that same old moon and wondering what it’s all about. And before that, all those dinosaurs and neandertals, and everything else. The moon was their friend too.

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