honey of a little honey pot, from Christy Wetzig

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This is the sweet little honey pot we got from Christy Wetzig a few weeks ago at the Mill City Market, filled with the honey we got at the Market from Ames Farm. The honey pot is perfect. We love the shape and the peaked roof and the bees. The honey did not last long.


Yesterday’s phenological note:

Really, remarkably unchanged from the day before. Sometimes February is like that. I think we may have had a few seconds more daylight today than the day before, but it wasn’t a big enough difference to really matter. The dead leaves hanging on the grape vines over the windows seemed to be shivering in the cold wind, which some say is a sign of coming snow, while others say it’s a sign of a warming trend. Someone ought to do a study to settle this contentious issue. Whatever it may mean, the leaves were shivering, and the breeze did blow.

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