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The crowd at Ingebretsen’s, Lake Street, Minneapolis

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Ingebretsen’s is a pretty incredible place, especially if you are of Scandinavian descent. They have a great selection of all things Nordic, including sweaters, crafts, glassware, art, Tomte, and… meat. The place started off as a meat market in 1921, and still has a Very Popular meat market, plus a great gift shop, plus a sewing shop. Plus the friendliest people this side of Finland. (Or this side of Ireland, at least.)

Yesterday’s Phenology Note

Snow. Very pretty coming down. Cat tracks in the yard, and the sparrows on the birdfeeder are getting cross, because I think I have neglected the feeder for awhile. I better get out there. I did notice, today, about 5pm, that it’s lighter out there than it has been. The days are getting longer. This time of year, careful observers might note that pitchers and catchers are gathering up their gloves, caps, baseballs, bats, cleats, etc, and migrating south. Pitchers and Catchers are the first of the baseball players to migrate south in the spring, where they begin to prepare for the coming season. The “position” players will usually follow soon after. For baseball fans, this is as sure a sign of spring as there is.