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forbidden bridge

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One from the archives – January 2012. I think we have a bit more snow this winter. This is down by the Mississippi, just off the River Road, just North of downtown; some nice walking trails there in the summer.

Yesterday’s phenological note:

February thaw: two straight days of 40 degrees, to be followed tonight and tomorrow by a new shipment of fresh replacement snow, 3 to 7 inches, they say. Nice to have the brief respite, remarkable how quickly this stuff melts. I heard a lone goose this afternoon, flying over by the river; couldn’t see it in the trees, couldn’t tell if it was headed towards the river or away. I like having the geese fly over constantly, to and from the river. A couple of times we’ve seen them fly over at night, silently, against a moon bright sky. Now they always remind me of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, by Selma Lagerlof (author of the always popular Saga of Gosta Berling.) We have a wonderful old edition of the Nils book, with beautiful illustrations by Mary Hamilton Frye. I’ve tried a bit to track down information on Mary Hamilton Frye, but haven’t found very much. Apparently she did the illustrations on her own, by special commission, for the Houghton Michigan Library. I’ve contacted the Houghton Library to see what became of them, but apparently no one knows. Perhaps I’ll try again on that.