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the hawk and the hawk critics

hawk and anti-hawks c fr - mtpmcg210 sm - 9404



Another one from the archives, this shot from about 2010. The neighborhood hawk being harassed by a bunch of critics. See how he’s ignoring them?

Yesterday’s phenology:

All day, waiting for the snow to come, watching the weather reports. 2 to 4 inches. Then up to 5 to 7. Then up to 6 to 8. Then back down to 5 to 7. By late afternoon we had about 4 wet heavy inches of snow on the ground, and about 32 degrees out there. And then it started coming down and cooling down. At this moment the National Weather Service is saying 6 to 10 inches tonight, and it’s snowing and 18 degrees. With a wind of 20 to 30 mph, gusting to 40. Nice. I made sure the bird feeder was stocked for tomorrow. We can’t have angry sparrows in the yard. Harassing us.