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one from the archives – may 2007 – the Endicott building, st paul

Endicott Building b fr - mtpmcg507 sm - 1064


Here’s the old Endicott building in downtown St. Paul, designed by Cass Gilbert, opened in 1890. When I was walking through it, it was like a ghost building. It had been renovated¬†/ restored about 20 years ago, but was largely empty in 2007. The first floor had all these beautiful empty retail spaces, and a diner in the back had tables set, frozen in time. I love that golden ceiling!
They closed up the building around the time of the St. Paul Republican convention, and now it’s been renovated again, into more “luxury” apartments. The light rail runs right down the street in front of the Endicott now, so I’m sure they’re thinking that that will help sell the “luxury” apartments. Everythings gotta be luxury these days, it seems.
Here’s a couple articles on the Endicott, then and now.