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shore patrol

Flynn d fr - mtpmcg062616 - 1376 sm

There’s really no need to actually get into the water, Flynn explained to me. Everything that’s really  interesting out there in the water eventually has to come in to shore. Where I am waiting. And ready. Because the shore belongs to me.

Yesterday’s Phenology: Actually a pleasant late-summer day. I’d say 80 degrees, tops, and dry, (after the rain from last night’s thunderstorms dried up.) Did I see much phenology today? Nope. Many bees and other flying insecta in the garden, and on the goldenrod. I leave them alone, they leave me alone. Live and let live, that’s what I say. There appears to be some leaves falling from the trees, but of course it’s much too early for that sort of nonsense, and so I am probably imagining it. They are probably just loose leaves being blown about, and I only happen to see them as they are gently descending to earth. I’ve been hearing more cardinals singing now. Perhaps they were singing all summer, but, in the long days, they were up and singing before I was up and listening. Once again, our clocks are briefly synchronized.

Thirteen hours and 19 minutes of daylight today (8/30), or, as we Phenologists put it, 13:19. That’s right about average for this time of year.

a rainy drive through minnesota, and the return of phenological notes

20160827_180752 - fleeting d fr mtpmcg082716 sm

I’m a guy who likes a rainy day, who prefers a rainy day, and a dreary grey rainy landscape. My sister tells me I would like it in Ireland, and I’m sure she is right. This particular view is on the way back from Hibbing this past Saturday. Perfect driving weather. Especially if you are not actually doing the driving, but instead scrunched down sleepily in the back seat, gazing at the misty landscape as it slides past.

Yesterday’s Phenological note: Pretty typical late August weather. Sunny. Hot. Humid. Add 200,00 people into the mix and you have the Minnesota State Fair. Which we are missing this year, for a change. I’ve noticed that our second crop of raspberries is coming in, and there is an abundance of various flowers busily flowering in every corner of our yard, attracting clouds of flying Insecta. The Goldenrod is getting out of hand in spots. The Morning Glories are bright blue and cheery. Driving home from the funeral home last night I could see a lot of lightning in the north, playing in the clouds, and at home the radar revealed slow moving thunderstorms that seemed like they may or may not ever arrive. As I type this, though, I can hear the first rolls of thunder, so things are looking up.

I see that the Milkweed pods are fat with seeds; as we went to the Tiny Diner a couple of days ago we saw a few Milkweed that were crowded with Milkweed Bugs. (Yes, a clever name. How did they come up with that?) We don’t mind individual bugs too much, in general, but festering seething masses of them just plain gives us the willies.

More thunder. Experienced phenologists are able to extract meaning from the various rumblings, echos, and peals of thunder. This particular thunder is telling me I had better get off the computer soon.



20160827_180409 fleeting e fr mtpmcg082716 sm


Nick, on the right, with pal, 1937

20160827_125334 nick d fr mtpmcg082716 sm



volunteer b fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 2061


north memorial medical center

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clouds on clouds

clouds b fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 1932


good ol’ skip

mom and skippy c fr sm


mom and skippy

Mom and Skippy, b fr sm


my mother always loved dogs, even way before I knew her

mom and smokey c fr sm


shade tree

river d fr - mtpmcg062616 sm - 1513


Limenitis arthemis astyanax. maybe.

mc c fr - mtpmcg062616 sm - 1470


rock, cooling off on a warm summer morning

zen rock c fr - mtpmcg062616 sm - 1509


green deconstruction

lw d fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 1991



ec b fr - mtpmcg062616 sm - 1457


the cool of the shade

river c fr - mtpmcg062616 sm - 1512


one from the archives, July 2012, the road ahead

road ahead b fr - mtpmcg712 sm - 9069


clouds on the mississippi

clouds c fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 1931


the hi-lo diner, minneapolis

hilo d2 gs fr - mtpmcg071016 sm - 1705


echinacea with bee

ech bee e fr - mtpmcg071016 sm - 8494



ech d fr - mtpmcg071016 sm - 8492



angry c3 fr - mtpmcg071016 sm - 1906


Hi-Lo Diner, Lake Street, Minneapolis

hilo e wc fr - mtpmcg071016 sm - 1699


red mushrooms, cold water spring

mushrooms c fr - mtpmcg071016 sm - 1896