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sun, shade, and spider

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I hadn’t noticed that fellow on the back leaf until today. (There are bugs (and spiders) everywhere, if you look for them. Though it is best not to.) He seems poised to strike, though perhaps he’s just napping there in the shade. I can’t really tell. A particularly hard to read spider, this one.

Yesterday’s phenology: well a nice crackling thunderstorm at about 4 in the morning left everything damp and sultry the rest of the day. Partly sunny, mostly cloudy, it only got up in the 70s, but the humidity was also in the 70s. Not a perfect day. Even with last night’s rain, the water level at the dog park is fairly low now. There was a line of sumac on the drive to the dogpark, along the side of the street, and there was just one that was bright red, like a warning flag. In the yard I noted a black capped chickadee and a goldfinch, and there was also a line up of little brown birds on the roof of the garage, standing at the edge, like ornamentation. They flew up from the driveway as I walked up, and I suspect that they were all digging about in the weeds, having a weed seed feed.  I’ve seen a lot of this sort of behavior lately, little brown birds gathering near the sidewalks, in the scrubby little weeds. Perhaps this is harvest time for the wee birdies. They certainly seem pleased about it.
Tonight, at bedtime, it smells like a summer lake around here.