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floating rock


in the mississippi, by the dog park. A very calming zen-master of a rock.

Yesterday’s phenology: raspberry plants bow down low from the weight of the berries. All sorts of bees apparently enjoy hanging about raspberries, lurking with the berries, which makes raspberry picking much more of a sport.

There are a lot of restive geese about these days. They seem poised. Or perhaps bored. There are different terms used for geese when they gather, it turns out. Yesterday there was a gaggle of geese on the ground by the graveyard, while skeins of geese circled the skies. Now and then a plump of geese would plummet to the pond. I don’t believe there’s a term for a group of geese swimming on the pond, which is quite a bit different from being on the ground, at least in my book. I’ll suggest the term “proliferation.” Or perhaps a “pontoon.” Any way, to sum up, there are a lot of geese everywhere, which makes walking on the path more sporting as well.

I’ve also seen a lot of grasshoppers hopping about. Not quite a “cloud” of them, more like a parade. I see them mostly in groups of one. Most of these are carrying small fiddles, and not doing very much work at all, considering the time of year it is.