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Second Saturday family art event at the Midtown Farmer’s Market is always fun!

Yesterday’s phenology: cloudy most of the day, and cool, and nice. 60s? Probably got into the 70’s yesterday, and now it’s into the 50s at night. We all know where that is leading. We have a waning gibbous moon tonight, very beautiful up there in the sky. And now I learned that a gibbous moon is a moon that is over half illuminated. Less than half is a crescent moon. Seems like I should have known that, but this is one of those little details that is easily glossed over amidst all the chaos of day to day life. But now I know. Gibbous. And crescent.

You’re probably wondering, gibbous? Where’d that come from? Well it came from the middle English, from late Latin gibbosus, from Latin gibbus: ‘hump.’ So that explains that. Case closed.

Song of the day: Vincent, Don McLean