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dog-park day!


This is not a great picture, but it does represent the general idea of  Sunday being dog-park-day, and how much Flynn enjoys it. As do we.

Yesterday’s phenology: Well, a pretty picture perfect fall sunday. Mostly sunny till late afternoon, not a lot of wind, which was good for the bike ride. The Touch-me-nots are ready to be touched. The sun set today at 7:17. Again, right on time for this time of the year. One of the more reliable aspects of phenology. Lots of raspberries on the bushes, and lots of bees also in the bushes. On my bike ride I did some calculations, and I figure we’re still about 95% green around here, with 3% yellow and 3% red. The red stands out a bit more than the yellow. I saw a blue heron (I think) standing along the shore of a pond while I was on my bike ride. He was fishing, and keeping a watchful eye on the pond and its approaches. I also rode by a hillside of Miscanthus all a-flower. (Pictures later.) All in all, not a big day for phenology, really, though I was out and about a good part of the day. Stopped on a bridge over Minnehaha creek, and noted just an occasional fallen leaf, aspens, I think, being carried down stream.

The political news is relentlessly depressing these days. But – on the bright side – it made me think of this song today while I was mulling and biking. Randy Newman – Every Man a King.