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one from the archives: milkweed -october 2010


Yesterday’s phenology: Many many grasshoppers hopping in the early early morning. Sumac on the bike trail is all a dark burgundy wine color. Saw a curious little bird yesterday, perched on the sign over the railroad crossing. Not sure what it was, but it was very penguin-like. Perhaps some sort of penguin species I’m not familiar with? The church next door had an “Octoberfest” celebration today. Beer and brats and…golden oldies band? Somehow I was expecting an accordion. Which reminds me now of the accordion fest that they used to have in the fall over at Kramarczuk’s. That was fun, and a perfect location for it.

Song of the day. Came to me while I was out on my bike ride, and stuck with me through a good many mile: Hamm’s!