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great blue heron in a small suburban office park pond, surveying his domain


Yesterday’s phenology: The crows were cocky this morning around the pond in Maplewood. After besting that hawk yesterday, they are all full of themselves. Crows RULE. Meanwhile the geese and ducks I don’t think even notice the crows. There are probably a couple hundred of them around the pond, coming and going. They seem to be working on their formation flying lately. The egrets and the heron always appear all by themselves, at the edge of the pond, looking lonely and forlorn while the gaggles of geese swim by in small flotillas.
A breezy fall day, and more leaves coming down more often. On the Lake Street Bridge, looking down at the Mississippi, I see the trees are about 30 to 35% now. Pretty colorful, nicely contrasting with all the remaining green.

Song of the day: Loudon Wainwright, I’d Rather be Lonely