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there they go…


Yesterday’s Phenology: It was a nice day for the last day of the farmer’s market for the year. Overcast, but pleasant temperatures. It sprinkled rain now and then. We could remember other end-of-the-market days that were bitterly cold and windy, and were glad that it was not. It started raining more assertively at closing time and rained through the afternoon. The streets and sidewalks are covered with the fall leaves, and looked beautiful in the rain. There are still raspberries to be picked, and I also picked a few tomatoes today that seem questionable, but I applaud their perseverance. There were a number of tomatoes that gave it up in the last day or two and lay on the ground about the tomato patch. 48 degrees as bedtime approaches.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra, The Best is Yet to Come