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black-capped chickadee-dee-dee


Yesterday’s Phenology: A damp gray chill, temps in the mid to lower upper thirties (?). I don’t believe it rained or snowed today, but it looked like it planned to. A quiet day.

Song of the day: Howard Tate/Jerry Ragavoy, Get it While You Can

autumn reflections


Yesterday’s Phenology: A pretty unusual day for late November. 52 degrees when I woke up, went out with Flynn. Got up to 55 during the day. (MPR Weather maven Paul Huttner says this November is 10 degrees warmer than usual. He also says that Waseca has set a new Minnesota record for highest annual precipitation, at 53.78 inches. Go Waseca!) Along with the balmy temperatures, we had dark cloudy skies, and thunderstorms that lasted much of the morning and dumped quite a lot of rain, almost an inch. Some places got some hail as well. Odd indeed.

Song of the Day: Ana Vidovic, Asturias

hidden moon


Yesterday’s Phenology: A chilly breeze, and cloudy. In the morning, fog, and frost on the grass and the bushes. The winter sky is owned by crows. This morning they were flying west to east, tree to tree, branch to branch, a crow parade, yakking it up the whole way. Out for a lengthy dog walk in the afternoon, the path a wet mat of brown leaves. Tonight it rains.

Song of the day: Gustav Holst, Neptune, the Mystic

bald eagle over the mississippi


Yesterday’s Phenology: 45 degrees; a perfect day for doing yard work, garage work, and walking the dog. Especially that last part. Gangs of crows are seen in the skies. (Technically I guess you’d call them a murder of crows, if you want to be persnickety about it.) What do you call a whole lot of sparrows? A host.  A host of sparrows gathered around our bird feeder, and bickered through out the day. A bicker of sparrows. A new term is born. Anyway, 45 degrees, a scrap of snow, here and there on the grass, a whole lotta drippin going on.

Song of the day: Los Lobos, That Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore

moon with fast moving clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: a gray day. A little slushy snow lingers on. A good day for walking the dog, says Flynn, as he says everyday. Temp in the mid 30s. Damp.

Song of the day: Buena Vista Social Club, Chan Chan

redwing, and barn bluff


Yesterday’s phenology: a damp cold. A damp gray cold. A damp gray rainy cold. Sparrows and geese and a single flashing blue jay that swooped by on our way to the dog park.

Song of the day: Carole King – (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman

1160, Redwing


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another grey day hovering just over the ice line, 33, 34 degrees, mixed precipitation. This is suitably November-like weather. High of 35, 2 degrees below normal.

Song of the day: Aretha Franklin, (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman