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super annoyed hawk


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another bad day, for those concerned about global warming. 63 degrees! November 1st! 63 degrees! The weather guy on MPR reported that October was 4 degrees warmer than usual, and that makes 14 straight months of above average temps. Average high for November 1st? 50 degrees.
This phenologist spent too much of the day in the office. So all I can really say with any degree of truth is: 63 degrees!!
The hawk in the picture was observed on an early October morning. His day was off to a bad start, as he was being heckled by a bunch of unruly crows. As you can see, he’s pretty fed up with this. Plus, he’s a Hawk, so he kind of has to pretend like he doesn’t even notice them. But they were really starting to get on his nerves. The last thing he needs is some amateur phenologist with a camera.

Song of the day: David Bromberg, Someone Else’s Blues