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a windy night, the moon slipping through the clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, it got up to about 70 today. A good day for yard chores, getting things done that should have been done a few weeks ago. Gentle breezes coax flurries of golden maples leaves into the air and away. Daylight Savings Time has ended, we’re back to not caring about saving any daylight. Hence, it got dark early tonight, and it will be brighter out in the early morning. Perhaps we should move the clocks ahead 30 minutes, and just stay there all year long. But no, you won’t get that sort of common sense solution today. Everyone is a true believer about their point of view, and no one is willing to compromise. My way or the highway, with us or against us. Either you want to save daylight or you don’t. This is why we are in the fix we’re in. There’s no middle ground.
But perhaps I digress.
Still picking raspberries. Saw some nice little black-capped chickadees at the dog park. Along with about 500 dogs. It was a perfect day to bring your human to the dog park, and a lot of dogs had the same idea. November 6th, and 70 degrees.

Song of the Day: Erik Satie, Gymnopedie 4