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as the winter crow flies


Yesterday’s Phenology: Mornings and evenings (commuting) are definitely lighter, which makes for a better drive. -10 this morning, though, made it a bit difficult to appreciate the vaguely brighter sky. One of my spotters reported observing sun dogs this morning, chasing the sun on his commute. He’s a reliable source, I think. The temperature topped out at about +5 this afternoon. A sunny morning that didn’t fool anyone, and then cold gloomy blue cloudiness in the afternoon. My canine phenologist reports that it is too darn cold to walk out there. Much more pleasant to be sleeping on the couch.

A radio survey I hear this week on NPR reported that, given the option of having more money or more time, people generally chose more money. Perhaps they are thinking that if they had more money they could then have more time? Me? Give me more time, please. You?

Song of the Day: Gaelynn Lea, NPR Tiny Desk Concert