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Raymond and University, 5:55 pm


Yesterday’s Phenology: a more typical late February day. Temps in the low 40s. Lakes still largely ice covered, but bare of snow, so you can’t always be sure.

Song of the Day: Bennie Moten’s Orch, That’s What I’m Talking About

monday moon


Yesterday’s Phenology: another February day, with the temps in the upper 30s and a sun that made it seem warmer than that and a bit of a breeze that made it seem colder than that. I guess, kind of a confusing day, in some respects. Cardinals singing their optimistic spring song. Saw some little yellow peeps in the sunday ads, seems a bit early for the peeps to come out, but everything is early this year I guess.

Song of the day: Benny Goodman, Moonglow

Winter of the Crows – 21


irridescent wings
shimmering in the moonlight
caww caw calling caaaww

Yesterday’s Phenology: Heard a cardinal singing a spring song, though it was only in the 20s all day. Everything is drabby brown and cold and dry.

Not Nice! Sad!

Song of the day: CocoRosie, The Moon Asked The Crow

Winter of the Crows – 20


old crow looking down
sees me looking up and we
complete each other

Yesterday’s Phenology: Cold and gray in the morning. But no snow at all, not a whit. It all blew south of us. They got quite a bit down there, as predicted, 15 or 16 inches in places. Here? Zero. Not unexpected. But, as I said, colder, 20s, more Februaryistic than in the last several days. Not much complaining about that, though, as people were generally glad not to have to deal with a foot of snow. I was a little disappointed, but it did make the commute easier.

Song of the Day: Julie London, Bye Bye Blackbird

Winter of the Crows – 19


Yesterday’s Phenology: There was so much talk about the coming snow that the mass of hot air over the twin cities moved the storm pattern south a bit. So now it looks like we’ll get a little, but maybe not. Sunny day, but colder, more like February, in the 30s, probably. Clouded up in the evening. Not snowing yet.

Song of the day: Iceland Folk Song, Krummavisar

Winter of the Crows – 18


Yesterday’s Phenology: Again, mid 50s. Are those snow clouds over there? Crows tell us nothing.

Song of the day: Tim O’Brien, Dirk Powell, John Herrmann – Songs From The Mountain, The Blackest Crow

Winter of the Crows – 17


winter wind
he can’t find his roost
the evening crow


Yesterday’s Phenology: Apruary continues, with yet another 61 degree day. A bit of open water on the pond, taken advantage of by a few ducks and geese. In the evening, beautiful clouds, sunset, and constellations of crows flying to the river.

Song of the day: Bob Dylan, Black Crow Blues