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early morning red-winged blackbird

Yesterday’s Phenology: A pretty beautiful day. Sunny morning, temps in the low 40s, seemed a bit chillier by the river at the dogpark. The river was running fast from last week’s rain, and some of the¬†low parts of the dog park were underwater. Lots o’ dogs at the dog park this morning. Warmed up a bit in the afternoon, and clouded over.

Song of the day: Ten Years After, I’d Love to Change the World

record-store day

Yesterday’s Phenology: A surprisingly nice day, after recent weather occurences, with sun, and blue sky, and reasonably warmish April temps. Wood ducks, mallards, and canadian geese all getting along around the pond. People could learn a thing or two from these water fowl.

Song of the day: Joe Cocker, With a Little Help From My Friends


Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, as we had April weather in March, perhaps it’s only fair that we have March weather here in April. (And perhaps May.) A cold and breezy day here, with flurries of snow that left the ground partially covered up in Maplewood. Cold! Snow! Wind! April in Minnesota. Snowing for a bit like in a snow globe. The theater of the seasons. It was actually very pretty, and, as it is but a dusting that won’t last long, kind of enjoyable. In Minnesota you have to roll with what comes.

Song of the day: Ringo Starr, It Don’t Come Easy


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another delightful day of overcast sky and wet coldness. Rained during the night and rained during the morning and I’m SO glad that we didn’t get the freezing variety of rain that they received up Nort. Thank you very much. Things are very much green, but it turned colder during the day, and is 37 as I get ready for bed. Snow in April and May is certainly not unusual.

Song of the day: Lesley Gore, You Don’t Own Me

little miracles

Yesterday’s Phenology: A delightful day. Overcast and cooler. Rain arrived on schedule, a little misting rain at first, and then a regular steady rain, and then more rain. Eskimos have 50 words for snow. I wonder if they have 50 words for rain in the tropics? Anyway, what we have here is a “soaker.” A nice gentle rain that lasts a long time. Just what Dr. Spring ordered.

Song of the day: the Beatles, Rain

early morning fog

Yesterday’s Phenology: In the upper 40s in the early morning, a bit chilly on the bike. Warmed up a bit as day wore on , but still, mostly cloudy and cool, with some gusty breezes.

Song of the day: the Beatles, Hey Jude

Sunday (aka Dog Park Day)

Yesterday’s Phenology: A nice day. Upper 60s, perhaps, with hazy cloudy sunny sky. Mostly cloudy I guess. Tulips are blooming here and there, but not yet in our yard. Saw a young bald eagle sitting on a tree with it’s mother at the Dog Park. Mom flew off to find food. Eaglet looked annoyed.

Song of the day: the Beatles, It’s a Hard Day’s Night