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nest building time

Yesterday’s Phenology: An almost perfect day. Cloudy and cool, with a high of 59. A perfect day for doing any number of things.
I must admit, my phenological skills are obviously limited. Unless something dramatic happens (such as snow falling, frost on the windshield, leaves changing colors, clouds of flying ants obscuring the sun, etc…) I’m clueless. Probably now there are migrating birds to be seen, and of course different flowers in bloom than two weeks ago. I’ve seen Irises lately. No poppies yet. Some lilacs are hanging on, but they may be a certain type of lilac that blooms later. I think I may have seen a catalpa (?) tree in bloom. The dandelions are all going to seed. Turns out that phenology may not be my strong suit.

Song of the day: 1000 Drummers and Golden Earring, Radar Love