Reduction I, 2013, by Kondō Takahiro, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Song of the day: Laurie Anderson, Gravity’s Angel


Doryphoros, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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one from the archives, april 2008; snowdrops!

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…a little yard art, on 36th street in South Minneapolis.


Phenological note:

I went out for a walk yesterday. One degree out there, plus wind chill on my way home. The streets and sidewalks are terrible, coated with ice and packed snow. But, I did see 5 or 6 robins, by the river, eating frozen berries from a tree. They did not look happy. Not at all.


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This statue of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, by artist German Michel Leal, was a gift to the city of Minneapolis from Cuernavaca, its sister city in Mexico. The statue was brought to Minneapolis by the mayor of Cuernavaca during a 2007 visit, and has been looking for a good home ever since. There was some talk about placing it in Powderhorn Park, but some citizens objected to the depiction of Zapata with bandoliers and rifle. (Perhaps if he had been holding a powderhorn… though I suppose that wouldn’t have been historically accurate.)

In 2013 the statue finally found a home in a small plaza on the corner of 12th and Lake Street, and it was officially unveiled there in October of last year.

I came across it in December, while out doing some Christmas shopping. It’s a nice looking statue, though the plaza is very small, and right on Lake Street. It’s pretty big, and it would have been nice to have a bit more space around it. I took a terrible picture of it with my old camera, and then photoshopped it up, trying unsuccessfully to make it look old. It didn’t improve the picture any. I’ll have to get over there again and take a better shot.

(Questions: Is there a Sister City organization that overseas all these sibling cities? And have we given Cuernavaca any bronze statues in return? And if so, of who? And if not, who should it be? Are there any famous revolutionaries that have come from Minneapolis?)