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Common Good Books, St. Paul

Yesterday’s Phenology: A bit of a boring day. Sunny, mid 70s. Walked around the pond, the baby geese are about.

Song of the day: Percy Sledge, When a Man Loves a Woman

the children’s classic…


Yesterday’s Phenology: A march sort of day. Sunny, and a bit warmer, but breezy, so a bit colder. That sort of day. Went for a long walk with Flynn in the afternoon, and was followed by a murder of crows, perhaps about a hundred or so, a boisterous lot. We pretended to ignore them, as they were dying for our attention. I may also have seen a hawk, also ignoring the crows as best he could. Though the last few days have been not so cold, there are still scraps of snow here and there to remind us of winter.

Song of the day: Dean Glenn Hubbard, Every Breath You Take

every year we sit around the hearth with big bowls of smoking bishop, and read the christmas classic…


Yesterday’s Phenology: If you are looking for a wintery day, today was pretty good. All the sidewalks nicely coated with ice. An icy wind gusting up to 30 mph. Snowflakes falling here and there, and blowing across the icy street in currents. Winter.

Song of the Day: Prokofiev, Troika


one from the archives, april 2012, ephemeral

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man ray

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old volumes

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Newmayer and Broome’s classic

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Happy Bloomsday!

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June 16th is Bloomsday, the day celebrating the life of James Joyce and the events of his novel Ulysses, which takes place on June 16th. Have I read Ulysses? No. But this year I plan to pick it up. In fact, I pick it up today, Bloomsday.
Pictured is my old copy of another work by Joyce. I do like the old books, yes I do.


One from the archives, november 2008, point of change

pt of change sm


one from the archives, april 2012, damaged

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ahh, the human comedy…

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augsburg books, minneapolis

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crime code: field trip to Uncle Edgar’s mystery bookstore, minneapolis

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one from the archives, april 2008 – beach find

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bookstore most foul…

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a pleasant afternoon at Once Upon a Crime bookshop in Minneapolis

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one from the archives, april 2010, bookshelf

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“Too much allegro. That’s all I’m saying. ‘e’s rushin’ it a bit.”

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Rapunzel, south minneapolis

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I found this little gal high up in the garret of a south minneapolis library. It could only be Rapunzel. Though her hair, I thought, would be longer. And less purple.
These little free libraries are popping up all over the neighborhood. A nice thing. And I’ve gotten several good books from them, and donated a few as well.

Today’s Phenological Note:

Unremittingly cold weather is dull, and wears a body down. I have not heard any Cardinals singing their spring song for several days now, and no wonder. Somebody jumped the gun, there, I think. Wishful thinking, I suppose. Can’t be blamed for that.



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a patch of dawn

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spring snow, hill reference library, st. paul

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