flowers &/or other plant life

Japanese Garden, Como Park

Yesterday’s Phenology: Perfect spring day; rain a bit in the morning, cool and cloudy throughout the day, with moments of rain or drizzle. Probably stayed in the 40s all day. Another good day for reading, bookstores, coffeeshops, and more reading.

Song of the day: Riley Lee, Sanctuary

green pond

Yesterday’s Phenology: The temperature warmed up to the lower mid 50s today, and have kind of stayed there all day. It seems chillier. Overcast sky and a bit breezy. Perhaps it didn’t rain today. Not as far as I could tell. A pretty perfect spring day.

Song of the day: Fripp and Eno, Wind on the Water

spring rain

Yesterday’s phenology: A perfectly delightful day. After a night of rain, it rained a bit more during the day. Mostly overcast and cool and breezy. The temperature was 51 just after midnight, and has been dropping all day, and now it’s about 40. There were reports of snow up in Grand Marais, and there’s frost warnings north of the Twin Cities. Cool!

Song of the day: Sly and the Family Stone, Everybody is a Star

spring pops up

Yesterday’s Phenology: I hear it’s been dry in Northern Ireland. Here, quite a bit of rain in the night, lightning and thunder, and then again yesterday morning, and then some sun, and then some more thunder and rain. Things are green and damp and it feels June-like, though change is in the wind. One thing’s for certain: more rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.

Song of the day: Classics IV, Stormy

up and at ’em

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another (hot) summer day. Temp in the 80s, and sunny sunny sunny. Also, a little breeze. Which seemed like a nasty headwind as I biked home. Many dandelions are going to seed now. Is there any point to trying to keep your yard dandelion free? It seems rather pointless. And yet I pulled a few dandelions today, not making a noticeable dent in the population. Elsewhere in nature, young bunnies are frolicking, young ducks are paddling, young turtles are sunning. And a perfect day for it too.

Song of the day: Bobby Hebb, Sunny

spring blossom, eloise butler garden

Yesterday’s Phenology: A fine day. (Another fine day.) Cloudy morning and cool, then cleared a bit and got into the 70s, then clouded up and rained a little bit. A bald eagle paid a visit to the little suburban pond where I work. There was a lot of nervousness about the pond, I bet. But he flew off without bothering anybody much.

Song of the day: Richard Thompson, 1952 Vincent Black Lightening

The white in the green, eloise butler garden

Yesterday’s Phenology: Upper upper 60s today, and a little breezy. Clouded over in the afternoon. The grass is tall, though there are those of us who follow the old tradition of not mowing before May 15th, lest your ears fall off. Probably nothing to that, but, still, why take a chance? Sea gulls in the parking lot in the morning, making a racket. The usual geese and ducks around the pond. I’m watching for buffleheads and cormorants. Where are they? My local naturalist thinks that yesterday’s turtle may have been a baby snapper. I think she may be right.

Song of the day: Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Cowgirl in the Sand