holidays / festivals

merry christmas!

picture is from a little video I shot in 2002, so long ago…

song of the day, Merv Griffin, Christmas City

today’s early morning phenology: gray skies, fog, 31 degrees, icy.


Song of the day: The Cranberries, Dreams

happy halloween!

Song of the afternoon, Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells

happy halloween!

Song of the day, Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet, Dracula


record-store day

Yesterday’s Phenology: A surprisingly nice day, after recent weather occurences, with sun, and blue sky, and reasonably warmish April temps. Wood ducks, mallards, and canadian geese all getting along around the pond. People could learn a thing or two from these water fowl.

Song of the day: Joe Cocker, With a Little Help From My Friends

One from the archives: Brian Boru Pipe Band, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, St. Paul, 2010

Yesterday’s phenology: March continues. Temps maybe crept into the 40s. Snow receding. Grass beneath all brown and dead looking. Martha reports seeing a murder of crows harassing a great horned owl in the morning. There certainly are many crows aboot. That must be a sign of something. “When hundreds of crows do thee see, then…?”

Song of the day:¬†Sinead O’Connor & The Chieftans, The Foggy Dew

every year we sit around the hearth with big bowls of smoking bishop, and read the christmas classic…


Yesterday’s Phenology: If you are looking for a wintery day, today was pretty good. All the sidewalks nicely coated with ice. An icy wind gusting up to 30 mph. Snowflakes falling here and there, and blowing across the icy street in currents. Winter.

Song of the Day: Prokofiev, Troika


red, may day parade, minneapolis

red d2 fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7724


dancers, may day parade, minneapolis

feathers d fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8001


shades at the parade, mayday, minneapolis

shades c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8156


dancer in white, mayday parade, minneapolis

feathers c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8007


may day parade, spinning the green hoop

hoop c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8182


wow! nice fedora! mayday parade, minneapolis.

hat c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8098


may day parade, minneapolis, dancer in blue

feathers c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8077


May Day Parade, Minneapolis

feathers e fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7997


Mayday Parade, Minneapolis, 2016, in the drum truck

drum b fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8125


may day parade 2016, minneapolis

feathers d fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8011


faces in the crowd, mayday parade, minneapolis

faces c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7925


yup. monday morning. (may day parade, minneapolis.)

faces b fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7921


Saint Bernie, Minneapolis May Day Parade

sb b fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8128


may day parade, minneapolis, skull on a stick.

skull c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7755


mayday parade: toy boat

boat b fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7915


the May Day parade, Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis.

red bird d fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7904


one from the archives, may day 2012, walk your dragon

mayday b fr - mtpmcg512 sm - 7237