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a little taste of summer, one from the archives, September 2007, monarch


Yesterday’s Phenology: a dusting of snow overnight made the morning bright and slippery. We took a late morning hike to the dogpark, and the sun came out and it was a beautiful January day there, for awhile. The temps skyrocketed up to break 40, and then the clouds moved in again and more precipitation, rain? snow? and more of the same tonight. There were rumors of eagles and owls at the dogpark, but no, none were seen. Saw a few crows, though, and bunny tracks in the new snow. And lots of dog tracks.

Song of the day: Bobbie Gentry, Ode to Billie Joe



Yesterday’s Phenology: Slipping slowly in to winter. A little colder. Cloudy. Snowflakes on top of the car this evening. Have I mentioned that winter is coming?

Song of the day: Curtis Mayfield, Superfly




Yesterday’s Phenology: Frost on the grass in the morning. A sunny cheerless day.

Song of the Day: Pete Seeger, This Land is Your Land

Mr. Hopper


Yesterday’s Phenology: Okay. It was 20 degrees above average here yesterday. 68. 48. It was a perfect day except that it was in November. The temperature in Two Harbors hit 72. The MPR weather blog says that the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer is forecasting temperatures next week of 30 degrees above average in the arctic. I am having a hard time enjoying this. Tomorrow they are predicting 69, and I am going to get out for a bike ride. Maybe that will cheer me up. Maybe I’ll even see some phenology. A lot of trees are still full of very colorful leaves. It really is beautiful. And there are raspberries to pick. I guess we will take what comes.

Song of the day: Ella Fitzgerald, Too Darn Hot

Bee -End of Summer


Wings are a bit ragged on this little guy.

Yesterday’s phenology: Picture Perfect Fall Day (PPFD). Yesterday morning, on the way to work, I noticed some Christmas Lights had blossomed outside a house in Seward. This is probably the earliest occurrence I’ve ever seen of that. Global warming?
A murder of crows was pestering a hawk this morning outside of work. (Pictures later.) The hawk looked just Fed Up with the whole thing. CROWS! Bugger off!
This evening: leaf blowers! A special circle of hell has been reserved for the inventor of those infernal machines. Pretty early for those to be out, too.

Song of the day: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero.

empty bug


Today’s picture is perhaps a bit gruesome. But, that’s mother nature for you.

Yesterday’s Phenology: I noticed yesterday that Hazel the cat has started snuggling into the bed at night, as the nights grow cooler. A colleague at work tells me that she’s seen white-throated sparrows migrating through. Once again, I see nothing.

Song of the Day: Nice to rediscover Randy Newman’s Good Old Boys album. A lot of great songs on that. Like this one: Kingfish.


a moment on the prairie


In the field outside the dogpark.

Yesterday’s phenology: a cloudy cool start to the day, in the 50s, and then sunny in the afternoon and upper 70s. The sun is a blinding orange ball at the end of Lake St. on my morning commute.  Lots of dragonflies zipping about the pond today. A lone blue heron in the shallow water. Herons seem to be loners, and, perhaps related, they always appear to be annoyed about something. Perhaps they do not enjoy wading about in the shallows, day after day. Anyway. Milkweed pods are splitting open, setting free their silky treasures. Our Ironwood tree seems to have some sort of so-called fruit. Not the kind, I think, that you would eat. Unless you happen to be a Hawfinch.

The forecasters are predicting “heavy rain” for tonight and tomorrow. Flash flood warnings all over the south part of Minnesota.

Song of the day: Down in the Flood, Bob Dylan, 1971