the clouds and the crows

Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, a grand day it was, if you like a little chill and a lot of clouds and a bit of mist and wood smoke in the air. Took a nice long walk with wee Flynn, we are not the speediest of pairs, with me stopping to take pictures now and again, and him needing to examine every tree and light pole and clump of grass and bit of hedge and so on and so forth. Still, we had a grand old time. Flickers mocked us from over head, we ne’er saw a one, but we saw a number of the cardinals and a bossy blue jay, and all the usual little brown ones, and crows and a stray sea gull. Lots of green shoots poking their heads up, and the grass is trying to green up a bit. Aye, tis Spring all right.

Song of the day:  Simon and Garfunkel, At the Zoo

stormy weather

Yesterday’s Phenology: A sunny chilly day. The temperature hung in the low 30s throughout the day, and there was an obnoxious breeze. Still, for March, it could be worse.

Song of the day, Lena Horne, Stormy Weather

crows in control

Yesterday’s Phenology: Positively nice. Mid 50s. Magical disappearance of most of pond ice and snow scraps. Cardinals and Red-winged blackbirds singing their morning songs.

Song of the day: Sheryl Crow, Everyday Is A Winding Road

Winter of the Crows – 18


Yesterday’s Phenology: Again, mid 50s. Are those snow clouds over there? Crows tell us nothing.

Song of the day: Tim O’Brien, Dirk Powell, John Herrmann – Songs From The Mountain, The Blackest Crow

Winter of the Crows – 9


When the blackbird flew out of sight,
It marked the edge
Of one of many circles.
Yesterday’s Phenology: 48 degrees or so today. Yup. 13th of February and 48 degrees. Some of the nearby lakes, the ice is starting to look suspicious. Beautiful evening for a dog walk. With the moon not yet up, and only patchy clouds, the air seemed very clean and you could see a lot of stars and planets from the backyard. Venus is quite bright in the evening sky, Mars a bit less bright. Orion was up in the Southeast, with Sirius. Very beautiful night.
Song of the day: Nina Simone, Blackbird

Winter of the Crows – 4


Yesterday’s Phenology: The Return of Winter. Temperature sunk down to 1 lonely degree this morning. Sunny, and warmed up to double digits, but now sinking back down for another cold night.

Poetry Corner: (Wallace Stevens, Continued…)

A man and a woman
Are one.
A man and a woman and a blackbird
Are one.
Song of the Day: Kelly Joe Phelps, The Black Crow Keeps Flying

winter of the crows – 3


Yesterday’s Phenology: I miss having little animal notes to share in my phenology notes, but:

a. I don’t see many little animals

b. I don’t get out enough

c. When I do get out, I don’t see many little animals.

Yesterday started off with a dismal gray drizzle fog, which made for very slippery conditions indeed, as the temperatures slowly descended through the day. The streets were generally not terrible, perhaps due to accumulated salt residue, but the sidewalks were patchy and treacherous, and I very nearly lost my footing a couple of times. A steady breeze blew down from the NW, and the sky was clearing a bit in the evening.

Poetry Corner (Wallace Stevens Continued):

The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.
It was a small part of the pantomime.
Song of the day: Charlie Hicks, As the Crow Flies