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soakin’ up some sun

Song of the day: John Lee Hooker, Crawlin’ King Snake

spectator on the bike trail

Song of the Day: Lyle Lovett, I’ve Been to Memphis

the children’s classic…


Yesterday’s Phenology: A march sort of day. Sunny, and a bit warmer, but breezy, so a bit colder. That sort of day. Went for a long walk with Flynn in the afternoon, and was followed by a murder of crows, perhaps about a hundred or so, a boisterous lot. We pretended to ignore them, as they were dying for our attention. I may also have seen a hawk, also ignoring the crows as best he could. Though the last few days have been not so cold, there are still scraps of snow here and there to remind us of winter.

Song of the day: Dean Glenn Hubbard, Every Breath You Take

Yak trax?


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another gray flannel day in Minneapolis. Temperature hovered around 32 for most of the day, and it sort of drizzle-fogged in the afternoon. A little bit colder and it will be a bit icy out there. Saw a blue jay in our back yard birch tree today. Don’t see much of them around here. It’s said that they prefer oak trees and we are a few blocks away from the scattered oaks nearer the Mississippi. Perhaps our feeder food is not to their liking. Oh well.

Song of the day: Local Hero, Victor’s Song

L & M Supply in Hibbing has Everything


Their selection of giraffes was particularly good for a small town whatzit shop.

Yesterday’s Phenology: coolish and cloudyish. Spotted one bright red tree on my drive home from work. Early adopter. 60% chance of t-storms tonight, but was 80% chance a few hours ago, so odds are we stay dry, I think. Generally, an unremarkable day, pheonology-wise. Today I will pay more attention.

mr. toad

toad c fr - mtpmcg062616 - 1411 sm

The standard american toad, I think, found lurking in the dog park. His (or her) coloration is certainly protective.

Yesterday’s Penology: The final day of August. How did that happen? Difficult to do much phenology when you are in the office most of the day. I did get out briefly for lunch, mid-70s, sunny, pretty darn nice. I noticed this morning that the sun is now getting to be pretty low in the sky during my commute to work, making the easterly drive a bit more difficult. Also, here it is, not quite 8pm, and it is definitely dusk outside. Hello, September.


turtle nose

turtle nose b fr - mtpmcg05212016 sm - 1112


young bun

young bun c fr - mtpmcg05212016 sm - 1154


turtle at rest

turtle nose b fr - mtpmcg05212016 sm - 1103


muskrat in motion

mr c fr - mtpmcg04022016 sm - 0331


makin’ tracks

making tracks b fr - mtpmcg1215 sm - 6762


all ears

bb d fr - mtpmcg815 sm - 8779



sd d fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 7604

Shepherd’s harvest fest, may

sd d fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 7607

Working as a team, the sheep carefully control every movement of the dog, slowly leading the dog to the gate of the sheep pen.


sheep, at shepherd’s festival

sheep f fr - mtpmcg515 sm - 7478


big red

stray red d fr - mtpmcg315 sm - 4397


the wild horse

cc b2 fr - mtpmcg1014 sm - 6377


institute of art. very old bunny. 8th or 9th century. artist unknown

mia bunny c fr - mtpmcg1214 sm - 3390


makin’ tracks

tracks c fr - mtpmcg1214 sm - 3471


cafesjians carousel, st. paul

car d fr - mtpmcg1014 sm - 6361


the disappearing turtle

turt b fr - mtpmcg814 sm - 2267


yurtle the turtle

turt d fr - mtpmcg814 sm - 2266


what better way to while away a hot summer afternoon?

turt c fr - mtpmcg814 sm - 2262



yurt b fr - mtpmcg514 sm - 4112