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no place like home

Yesterday’s Phenology: a pleasant enough fall day, if you like overcast drizzly sort of days. It was in the low 50s this afternoon; enough drizzle to almost call it rain. A little foggy in the morning. Just generally a pretty perfect day. A good day for a baseball game. Let’s play two.

Song of the day: Woodrow Buddy Johnson and Count Basie, Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit that Ball?

One from the archives, June 2013, the summer game

Yesterday’s Phenology: A cold and overcast spring day. Largely in the 30s. Not good baseball weather.

Song of the day: John Fogarty, Centerfield


the old ball yard, Redwing, Mn

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Ray Crump’s Baseball Museum, right next to the site of what once was the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome…

AKA Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

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old baseball

baseball b2 bw4 fr - mtpmcg0213 sm - 3984


opening day! (one from the archives, July 2014)

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One from the archives, july 2014, left fielder

lf sumie c fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5450

Pitchers and catchers reported to training camp yesterday. Spring has officially arrived.


2015 season… it’s just around the corner.

pitch f gs colored fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5582


just around the corner…

ballpark b fr - mtpmcg914 sm - 2952


…the old ball game

early pinball b wc fr - mtpmcg814 sm - 2609


standing room only

sro d fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5564


yohan pino unleashes one…

pino d gs fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5369


left fielder

left fielder b gs b fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5460



colabello c gs red  fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5599


baseball: Rule #1 – Eye On the Ball

eob d fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5522


baseball: decision time

decision time d fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5475


baseball: the low outside strike

low and outside c fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5466


baseball: the high outside strike

high d fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5467



cf  b fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5452


matty g; a hot sunny day at the ballpark; twins 2, yankees 1

matty e fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5394



shelf d fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3295

insert rogers hornsby quote here

hr c fr - mtpmcg613 sm - 1016

Or better yet, here:

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

Today’s phenological note:

The sparrows around the bird feeder are hypersensitive to criticism this week. Best to just ignore them and let them go about their business. They’ll get over it by next week. Probably just the winter, wearing on their nerves. Lord knows we could all use a break.


watching the world series at great waters, st. paul

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the baseball pitcher

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