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vanilla chocolate shake, from the Hastings dairy store, one delicious dollar

Song of the day, Big Joe Turner, Shake, Rattle and Roll

Coffee Roaster, Dunn Brothers Coffee, St. Paul

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another good day, overcast and cool. Maybe a few sprinkles in the evening, maybe a little sunshine. Seagulls wheeling in the sky, making a racket. May have been Parking Lot Gulls, actually.

Song of the day: Sarah Vaughan, Black Coffee


one from the archives, september 2009, signage, state fair

classic beverage icongraphy at the fair c sm


tea time?

tea b fr - mtpmcg115 sm - 3697


tea season

tea c fr - mtpmcg115 sm - 3756


Cuban Coffee, Victor’s 1959, Minneapolis

cbc c fr - mtpmcg913 sm - 1815


monday morning, peace coffee

mayday b fr - mtpmcg813 sm -  038


night cap

bourbon c fr - mtpmcg1212 sm - 2989


dark brew, merlin’s rest

tullamore dew, merlin’s rest

a friday at merlin’s rest, minneapolis

a cool beverage on a hot late summer day