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one from the archives, april 2008 – beach find

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one from the archives, april 2010, bookshelf

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Rapunzel, south minneapolis

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I found this little gal high up in the garret of a south minneapolis library. It could only be Rapunzel. Though her hair, I thought, would be longer. And less purple.
These little free libraries are popping up all over the neighborhood. A nice thing. And I’ve gotten several good books from them, and donated a few as well.

Today’s Phenological Note:

Unremittingly cold weather is dull, and wears a body down. I have not heard any Cardinals singing their spring song for several days now, and no wonder. Somebody jumped the gun, there, I think. Wishful thinking, I suppose. Can’t be blamed for that.



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minnesota as it is

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night train to lisbon, sixth chamber books, saint paul