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One from the archives, bluemobile, october 2011

Yesterday’s Phenology: Big storms last night, everywhere around here but not here. Here the lawns are turning brown. We had a little thunder last night, and a little wind, and a little rain. Not much. We could use some rain.

Song of the Day, Chuck Berry, Maybellene

late 20th century dyno

Yesterday’s Phenology: A cloudy day that looked like it intended to rain, but hasn’t yet. Flickers in the trees are pecking away, looking for food, I suppose. Or perhaps just something to do.

Song of the day: George Harrison, It’s Johnny’s Birthday / Plug Me In



one from the archives: blue mobile, october 2011

bluecar b fr - mtpmcg1011 sm - 1818



lm b3 fr - mtpmcg1015 sm - 9599


coup de ville II

coup d fr - mtpmcg815 - 5842