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jungle cat

Song of the day: Dick Dale and the Del Tones, Misirlou

house cat


Yesterday’s Phenology: Woke up to find a nice layer of ice on all the sidewalks and streets, which led to some very careful walking with tiny little steps and very gradual progress around the block with Flynn. A sunny cold and breezy day. Pretty moon in the sky in the evening, and, as is often the case on these clear cold nights, a lot of very bright stars. I think I saw Venus up there too.

Song of the day: Gustav Holst, Venus


big red

stray red d fr - mtpmcg315 sm - 4397


blue hazel

hazel c fr - mtpmcg11-14 sm - 20141114_234531


on the prowl

cat b fr - mtpmcg413 sm - 5292


hand-made book, junket, minneapolis

book b fr - mtpmcg413 - 4695