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One from the Archives, October 2016, cloudy moon

Yesterday’s Phenology: Oh, for the cool spring weather. How I miss it. 84 degrees and, yes, sunny today. Very sunny, very warm. Big birds flying across the sky today, egrets or herons, one lake to another. Very graceful.

Song of the day: Blind Faith, Can’t Find My Way Home

the clouds and the crows

Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, a grand day it was, if you like a little chill and a lot of clouds and a bit of mist and wood smoke in the air. Took a nice long walk with wee Flynn, we are not the speediest of pairs, with me stopping to take pictures now and again, and him needing to examine every tree and light pole and clump of grass and bit of hedge and so on and so forth. Still, we had a grand old time. Flickers mocked us from over head, we ne’er saw a one, but we saw a number of the cardinals and a bossy blue jay, and all the usual little brown ones, and crows and a stray sea gull. Lots of green shoots poking their heads up, and the grass is trying to green up a bit. Aye, tis Spring all right.

Song of the day:  Simon and Garfunkel, At the Zoo

stormy weather

Yesterday’s Phenology: A sunny chilly day. The temperature hung in the low 30s throughout the day, and there was an obnoxious breeze. Still, for March, it could be worse.

Song of the day, Lena Horne, Stormy Weather

cloudy moon

Yesterday’s Phenology: Ahh, the theater of the seasons. It started off cold and cloudy. Stayed cloudy, but warmed up a bit. First snowflakes were spotted about 1, and then it snowed pretty much the afternoon. Came down pretty good at times. Went for a long walk with Flynn in the snow. He enjoyed it more than me, I think. But it was pretty, and also nice and quiet. We got about 2 inches or so during the afternoon, and they say more will fall overnight. But that’s what they always say. Anytime a big storm hits a place, they always close the news story with that line. “More rain is expected.” The never say, “The sun will be coming out tomorrow, and all this snow will soon melt away.” What does this say about people? We like our weather stories to end with a note of despair? Such is our lot in life. More rain is expected.
The crows were out crowing about in the falling snow this afternoon. They seem to enjoy their lives. Perhaps, if we live good lives, we are reincarnated as crows.

Song of the day: Trip Shakespeare, Snow Days

(yet) another moon largely hidden by clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: 2017 starts off with a day that is sunny and coldish. I believe it peaked at about 32 or so. There was a bit of a breeze. Squirrels are playing around. Crows are criticizing, and having murders, and cawing contests. The snow is crusty.

Song of the day: Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Against the Sky

hidden moon


Yesterday’s Phenology: Gray and damp. Snow in the morning, but too warm for it too stick around much, then, later drizzly and foggy and mushy and a bit slippery out there and gray like foggy old London town, back in the day.

Song of the day: Luciano Pavarotti, Ave Maria

winter trees, winter morning


Yesterday’s Phenology: Actually sunny for a good part of the morning. That might have cheered everyone up a bit, except it was only about 5 degrees or so, and nobody was happy about that. Especially on a Monday. So there you have it. The roads were much more driveable today, as long as you were sensible about it. It clouded up in the afternoon and threatened to snow, but then mostly didn’t. Chipmunks and Squirrels are seen shoveling their little paths through the park. They are also grumbling. Shaking their tiny fists.

Song of the day: Bruce Cockburn, Happy Good Morning Blues

moon and clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: Unusually bright out today, but mostly because we received about 2 inches of snow last night, and that brightens things up considerably. It remained cloudy today, and the temps crept above the freezing mark. Crows were all about today, making a racket. They are like some sort of lawless scavenger tribe that has moved in and taken over the city.

Song of the Day: Tom Waits and the Seven Dwarfs, Heigh Ho

hidden moon


Yesterday’s Phenology: A chilly breeze, and cloudy. In the morning, fog, and frost on the grass and the bushes. The winter sky is owned by crows. This morning they were flying west to east, tree to tree, branch to branch, a crow parade, yakking it up the whole way. Out for a lengthy dog walk in the afternoon, the path a wet mat of brown leaves. Tonight it rains.

Song of the day: Gustav Holst, Neptune, the Mystic

bald eagle over the mississippi


Yesterday’s Phenology: 45 degrees; a perfect day for doing yard work, garage work, and walking the dog. Especially that last part. Gangs of crows are seen in the skies. (Technically I guess you’d call them a murder of crows, if you want to be persnickety about it.) What do you call a whole lot of sparrows? A host.  A host of sparrows gathered around our bird feeder, and bickered through out the day. A bicker of sparrows. A new term is born. Anyway, 45 degrees, a scrap of snow, here and there on the grass, a whole lotta drippin going on.

Song of the day: Los Lobos, That Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore

moon with fast moving clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: a gray day. A little slushy snow lingers on. A good day for walking the dog, says Flynn, as he says everyday. Temp in the mid 30s. Damp.

Song of the day: Buena Vista Social Club, Chan Chan

moon in the clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: Not much to say. A dark dark dark night.

Song of the Day: Simon and Garfunkel, America


north memorial medical center

20160817_140714 - mtpmcg081716 - windows d fr sm


clouds on clouds

clouds b fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 1932


clouds on the mississippi

clouds c fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 1931

monday morning rain

cloud f fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7666

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret, at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

cloud, weisman art museum

cloud c gs fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7645

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret

cloud and rain, weisman art museum

cloud d fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7659

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret


cloud fence

cloud fence b fr - mtpmcg1015 sm- 6285


time to go

geese d2 fr - mtpmcg1015 sm - 9334


early morning arrival

geese c fr - mtpmcg315 sm - 4389


keller park, march

keller c fr - mptmcg315 sm - 4330


another winter’s moon

20150202_200226- winter moon c fr sm



20140913_134646(0) construction c fr sm